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First Class Guarantee

Renovating your home can be very stressful and can disrupt your normal daily routine.  Over time we have developed and adopted renovation practices that result in minimal disruption and satisfied homeowners.  As President of Bosch Services, I, Mike van den Bosch personally guarantee the quality of our work through our First Class Guarantee – here is my commitment to you:

Pre-Renovation Consultation

  • To ensure you are fully informed, I will review with you your expectations for home access, working hours, schedule of sub-trades, and project timeline.  I will ensure all your questions are answered
  • I will also share with you our tips on “Surviving a Renovation”

Protecting Your Home

  • Padded matting and drop sheets will be laid from the entry way to the work area to protect all flooring
  • The work area will be kept neat and tidy during working hours and tidied at the end of each day

Utmost Respect

  • We recognize that our work area is your home – and we will ensure your privacy is treated with the utmost respect
  • We maintain a strict non-smoking policy – our team will not smoke in your home or on your property.
  • Professional / “clean” language will be used by our team.

Quality Work

  • Corners will not be cut! I personally inspect each aspect of the renovation to ensure Bosch Services meets all relevant building codes and our high standard of quality


  • Questions, comments, concerns? – we want to hear them!
  • During our Pre-Renovation Consultation we’ll discuss best methods of communication and regularity (daily, weekly) to keep each other informed on the project.  As new questions arise - jot them down and we’ll address them together

Incorporating Extras and Changes

  • Throughout the renovation, you may see an opportunity to add something extra or make a change. Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. All changes will be tracked on a separate form to keep our entire team informed.

Final Inspection

  • Near completion of the renovation, we’ll review the results together and will inform you of any changes in safety requirements (location of smoke detectors, water shut off, electrical panel, etc).
  • Together, we’ll make a list of any outstanding items and where feasible, complete them within 1 business week.

Post-Renovation Consultation

  • As time passes there can be settlement in the new material from your renovation. Although we warrant all our work for one year after completion – we want to ensure you’re happy well before then. We will contact you within 6 months to ensure we have held up to our high standard of quality and that you - our customer - still love your new space!

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